Statement from Senator Scarnati

“First and foremost, there are many good reporters who work to provide the public with news regarding legislation and governmental operations. I appreciate the work these reporters do to keep the public informed on issues before the Senate.

“While I rarely push back on media coverage, there comes a point when the truth must be heard.  The recent media reports from The Caucus and Spotlight PA that have attempted to draw links between donations to my campaign and potential gambling legislation are appalling.  These publications actively solicit contributions from donors, which raises questions as to the bias of their reporting.

“I have not advocated for members of the Senate to support video gambling legislation. In fact – in the past I actively worked against legislation that had been proposed for VGTs. The spread of false information on this issue can in no way be considered fair and balanced “journalism”.

“Over my years in office I have received numerous campaign donations – often from competing interests – and my legislative and policy decisions cannot and do not take contributions into account.  It is also important to note that all of my campaign records are available to the public and adhere to campaign finance laws.

“Any further false media statements will be met with appropriate legal action.”