Scarnati Announces $2.9 Million in State Funding for 25th Senatorial District

(HARRISBURG) – The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) has approved a total of $2,910,348 in state funding for 10 local flood protection, trail, recreation and water projects in the 25th Senatorial District, announced Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson).

“I am very pleased to announce that 10 projects in the 25th Senatorial District will be receiving state support for important infrastructure projects,” Scarnati said.  “I commend our local cities, boroughs, organizations and municipal authorities for seeking out support and receiving these substantial grants.  These projects will certainly provide numerous benefits to our region for decades to come.”

The projects approved for funding are a part of four different programs that are administered by the CFA, including the PA Small Water & Sewer Program, Greenways Trails & Recreation Program, Flood Mitigation Program and Watershed Restoration Protection Program.

The financing was approved at the September 18th CFA meeting in Harrisburg.  Funding for the projects comes from money generated by the Marcellus Shale Impact Fee (Act 13 of 2012) and Commonwealth Financing Authority bonds.

Scarnati explained that in the 25th Senatorial District the following projects were approved across six counties:

Clearfield County

  • City of DuBois – $423,169 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

This grant will assist the City of DuBois with rehabilitating the gate and screen house for their water system. Both structures were constructed in the 1920’s and are experiencing age-related failures.  The city’s plan is to rehabilitate the existing structures and to replace the valve, gates and associated components within the structures along with some structural rehabilitation.  The total project cost is $497,847.

Clinton County

  • City of Lock Haven – $246,440 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

Funding will support the City of Lock Haven with installation upgrades at the wastewater treatment facility in Lock Haven City.  An onsite utility water system will be installed to reuse the plant’s effluent water.  The new system will improve the efficiency of treatment operations resulting in savings for power consumption as well as water conservation.  The project will eliminate the facility’s dependence on the City’s public drinking water supply and the associated costly water bills.  The total project cost is $289,930. 

  • Mill Hall Borough – $104,300 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

This grant will provide support for the rehabilitation of twenty-two sanitary sewer lateral pipes located in Mill Hall Borough.  The Borough will install cured-in-place pipe lining in thirteen sanitary sewer lateral pipes along West Church Street and nine sanitary sewer lateral pipes along East Arch Street.  The 555 linear feet of new lining will be installed in clay pipes to stop groundwater infiltration.  The total project cost is $158,000.

Elk County

  • City of St. Marys – $200,000 grant (Greenways Trails and Recreation Program)

This funding will assist the City with Phase II development of a downtown central walking park located in St. Marys City.  The project will consist of sidewalk and bench slab construction and completion of restrooms adjacent to the Depot Street Parking Garage.  This project will also lay the groundwork for future phases by installing underground electric conduit, storm sewer drainage, PVC waterline and the foundation for a pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge.  The total project cost is $375,560.

Jefferson County

  • Brookville Municipal Authority – $307,700 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

Funding will support the replacement of two water distribution lines located in Brookville Borough.  1,050 linear feet of water distribution line will be replaced from east of the North Fork Redbank Creek stream crossing at the water treatment facility and continuing south along the intersection of Richards Street and Short Street.  The project will also replace water distribution line from the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Jefferson Street continuing east along the existing waterline right-of-way and then along Main Street to the stream crossing at North Fork Redbank Creek.  The replacements will increase water quality and assist in supplying potable water to all residents.  The total project cost is $362,000.

  • Jefferson County Conservation District – $300,000 grant (Watershed Restoration Protection Program)

This grant will provide support for upgrades to the existing Sugar Camp Run watershed located in Sykesville Borough.  Jefferson County Conservation District will complete Phase VI of the Sugar Camp Run watershed project by constructing an aquaponics and environmental education facility.  The aquaponics are a controlled environment where plants and fish can be grown year round and utilizes treated mine water from the recently upgraded Sugar Camp Run AMD treatment system.  The project consists of constructing a greenhouse, aquaponics equipment, installation of utilities, excavation and an HD Grow light.  The total project cost is $380,000.

McKean County

  • Bradford City Water Authority – $350,000 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

This grant will assist with construction of a waterline extension located in Foster Township.  Residents of the Kenmar Acres housing development are served by unreliable groundwater sources and have no connections for fire protection services.  The Authority will construct a waterline along Bolivar Drive, Downing Drive, Clark Drive, Lambert Drive and Long Lane.  The project will include water line installation, fire hydrant installation and service connections for the new customers.  The total project cost is $496,600.

  • Mt. Jewett Regional Sewer Authority – $172,198 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

This funding will provide support to replace sewer pipes and upgrade manholes in Mt. Jewett Borough.  Vitrified clay sewer pipe will be replaced with PVC pipe.  Four brick manholes along Oberg Avenue in Mt. Jewett Borough will be upgraded with precast concrete manholes.  The project will reduce inflow and infiltration and reserve treatment capacity for future development.  The total project cost is $202,587.

  • Port Allegany Borough – $410,553 grant (Flood Mitigation Program)

These Flood Mitigation funds will be used for the acquisition of land, rights-of-way and easements for the construction of a flood protection system in the Borough of Port Allegany.  Port Allegany plans to acquire temporary and permanent easements among 40 properties along Lillibridge Creek and the Allegheny River necessary to construct earthen levee, floodwall, five drainage basins and two closure structures.  The total project cost is $746,000.

Tioga County

  • Lawrenceville Borough – $395,988 grant (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

Funding will be used to rehabilitate the sewer system along Cowanesque Street (SR49) and Mill Street in Lawrenceville Borough.  The Borough plans to reduce inflow and infiltration of the waste water collection system by following the recommendation of a 2012 study in order to reduce hydraulic overload.  Rehabilitation to the wastewater collection system will include cured-in-place lining, installation of sewer laterals, installation of a new sewer main, pipe spot repair, replacing lateral connections, replacing five fire hydrants, remediating eight manholes and installing one new manhole.  The total project cost is $465,869. 

The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) was established as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to administer Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus packages. The CFA holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania’s economic growth.

More information regarding programs administered by the CFA can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development website: 

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