Scarnati Issues Statement on Campaign Donation Disclosure in the League of Women Voters’ Case

(HARRISBURG) – Today Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati issued the following statement regarding the League of Women Voters’ court case:

“It is at the discretion of each Justice to determine what information should be disclosed on the docket with each court case they hear.  It is my understanding that this morning, Justice Mundy filed a court disclosure regarding the $25,000 donation in question.  Since taking office, I have rigorously followed our campaign finance laws and all campaign finance reports are publically accessible.  My PAC’s $25,000 donation to Sallie Mundy’s campaign in 2017 was a donation that I disclosed and Sallie Mundy disclosed on our respective campaign finance reports.     

“Justices Wecht, Donohue and Dougherty did not disclose on the record tens of thousands of dollars in donations made by Governor Wolf’s PAC.  Governor Wolf is a party to this case.  Those same three Justices have also not disclosed on the record, millions of dollars in donations that were given to them by unions who have filed amicus briefs in this case.

“Our reasons for requesting that Justice Wecht recuse himself from this case have nothing to do with campaign donations – rather they have to do with issue bias.  Last week we learned of very troubling information that proves beyond reasonable doubt that Justice Wecht is partial in the League of Women Voters’ court case.  Justice Wecht and Justice Donohue promised an outcome prior to the League of Women Voters’ filing of the lawsuit.  Further, at a League of Women Voters’ Forum, Justice Wecht demonstrated his partisanship as a candidate.  Justice Wecht’s numerous unequivocal statements regarding “gerrymandering”, calling it an “abomination” on several occasions, establish that even before he was elected to the Supreme Court, his mind was made up.  Drawing attention to one campaign contribution is merely an attempt to distract from the troubling reality of issue bias.”