Scarnati Announces $2.75 Million PENNVEST Funding Awarded in McKean County

(HARRISBURG) – The Norwich Township Phase II Water System Improvement Project has been awarded $2,750,000 through the state’s PENNVEST Program to make major improvements, according to Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25).

Scarnati explained that according to a recent survey conducted by the Township, 71% of homes inspected had confirmed on-lot sewage system malfunctions.  The funding being awarded is critical to protecting the environment, providing clean water to area residents and will create 10 local construction jobs.

“I commend Norwich Township supervisors for undertaking this important project,” Scarnati said.  “Water and sewer systems are extremely vital to the health of a community, but very expensive to build and maintain.  I’m very pleased that this substantial assistance was approved by PENNVEST and will provide support for improvements for Norwich Township. The funding will certainly be a crucial part of helping to safeguard our local water supplies, protect public health and ensure that our streams are not polluted.”

The Norwich Township Phase II Wastewater System Improvements Project will address issues related to untreated or partially treated sewage in publicly accessible areas.  The project will also protect nearby waterways and private wells.  Implementation of the project will address the sewage needs identified in the Township’s ACT 537 sewage facilities plan.

According to Scarnati the project was approved by the PENNVEST Board at their meeting in Harrisburg on January 25th. The total funding of $2,750,000 is being awarded as a $736,536 grant and a $2,013,464 low interest loan.

The state’s PENNVEST Program provides low-interest loans and grants for the design, engineering and construction of drinking water distribution facilities, stormwater conveyance and wastewater treatment and collection systems. 

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